Mili Shah

Mili started playing tennis in Kenya when she was ten years old and moved to the US to attend university on a tennis scholarship. In 2000, her team won the USTA 5.0 National Championships at Flushing Meadows, New York. Since moving to London in 2004, Mili has been a member of ELTC and plays for the club's 1st team. In 2018, Mili and her ELTC teammates were crowned the UK W40 National Champions as well as the W35 European Champions. Besides playing for the club, Mili also plays for the Middlesex W35 and W40 county teams, both of which were crowned National Champions in 2019. She was also part of the winning England team that beat Scotland, Wales and Ireland in the Four Nations Championships in Dublin in May 2019. To top off a stellar year, Mili was selected to play for Great Britain at the World Championships in Miami in October 2019, where her W40 team finished 5th overall. Mili has experience coaching players of all standards, including her own three kids, and loves to share her passion for the game with everyone.